Junior Cert English

Junior Cert English – Higher Level

Paper One Section 1:

Reading Skill Focus: Acknowledging style, techniques and implementing personal responses to extracts.

Section 3: Functional Writing Skill Focus: Demonstrating versatility in writing styles, clarity of expression, appropriate tone, spelling, grammar, use of punctuation and structured responses.

Section 4: Media Skill Focus: Analysing and interpreting various forms of media. Critically responding to multimedia and understanding its target effect and intended audience.

Paper Two

Section 6: Poetry (Unseen and Studied) Skill Focus: Enhancing personal and analytical response to new poetry. Exploring and identifying themes, central ideas, language choice, imagery and poetic techniques.  Analysing Heaney’s poetry and writing style. Deciphering poetic themes used in various poems.

Students should come prepared with exam papers and prescribed texts if possible.

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