Frequently Asked Questions

How will a DHK revision benefit my child ?
DHK are offering exam revision skills and strategies including comprehensive notes on the topics covered, time management advice and in depth explanations of key terms and concepts. This allows a better understanding of what is being asked and what goes into an answer.

Why Should I Choose A DHK Revision Course?
There are many different providers of Revision Courses out there and each one has its own benefits.

At DHK we like the other providers offer experienced teachers, comprehensive notes and exam advice but we also offer the following:

  • Unbelievable and Unbeatable Value with subjects costing €80 or €90
  • A comprehensive set of notes for each revision course. These also include a section on effective study unique to the subject
  • Small class sizes. Many of the other providers have 30 – 40 students per subject. This lecture dominated learning environment does not facilitate a beneficial learning environment. DHK offers small class sizes where an interactive and dynamic learning atmosphere aids learning.

What is the advantage of a one day revision course?
Many students may only need help in one or two subjects. The advantages of attending a one day revision course is that a student will not have to attend one or two hour lectures over four or five days to revise a specific subject. This will reduce costs considerably as it can all be done in one day.

A one day revision course allows a student to focus completely on that subject. This limits distractions and focuses the mind of the student.

Will there be a large number of students on a course?
DHK are capping class sizes to a maximum of 15 students. This allows an interactive setting where students can consult the teacher on definitions, concepts and draw from the teachers expertise. The small number of students provides the opportunity to “get questions answered”.

How do I book a course?
The easiest way to book a course or number of courses is to contact us by phone.

Booking can also be done through the website, each course is booked by clicking the “add to cart” button. Payment is through PayPal when all courses have been selected. Paypal  provides a receipt by email.

How were teachers chosen?
Teachers were recruited on the basis of experience, reputation and depth of knowledge. We know that the teachers of DHK are the best advertisement for the business and with this in mind we acquired teachers of the highest quality to deliver our revision courses.

What should my son/daughter bring with them?
Each student should bring their exam papers for the subject, a calculator, log tables (for maths), writing material and pens/pencil.

Will the full course be completed ?
Tutors will have a plan to work through the syllabus, giving students sufficient exposure to each topic that is examinable.

Do I need to attend a Revision Course?
This is a very difficult question to answer. All students will be encouraged by their teachers in school to study as much as possible for their Junior or Leaving Certificate Examinations.

A competitively priced and comprehensive revision course will supplement and enhance  any work that a 3rd year or 6th year student has already done in their own school.